Exciting Updates: Windows Notepad’s New Features Unveiled in Latest Windows 11 Build


In a groundbreaking move, Windows is revolutionizing the user experience with its built-in Notepad app. After a series of gradual updates, the eagerly awaited feature has finally made its debut: a word count capability. Let’s delve into the details of the latest Canary channel test version for Windows 11 and explore the enhanced functionalities that are set to redefine how users interact with Notepad.

Word Count Delight: A Long-Awaited Feature Arrives

After years of anticipation, the latest update introduces a character count display in the status bar, akin to Microsoft Word’s word count feature. This enhancement allows users to effortlessly monitor their document’s length, providing a valuable tool for writers, editors, and anyone working with text.

Smart Selection: Character Count for Precision

The updated Notepad takes user convenience a step further. When text is selected, the status bar displays the character count for both the selected portion and the entire document. Even when no text is highlighted, a quick glance at the status bar reveals the character count for the entire document, offering users a comprehensive overview of their work.

Streamlined File Editing: Notepad Meets File Explorer

Microsoft is not just stopping at word count improvements; they are enhancing the accessibility of Notepad for seamless file modifications. The upgraded version seamlessly integrates with File Explorer, allowing users to edit files directly from the context menu. With a simple right-click on any file or multiple files, the “Edit with Notepad” option swiftly appears, streamlining the editing process and saving users valuable time.

Beyond Word Count: Notepad’s Year of Transformation

These improvements are part of a broader transformation of Microsoft’s Notepad throughout the year. In addition to word count and enhanced accessibility, the app now boasts a new autosave feature. This feature allows users to close Notepad without the repetitive save prompts. Furthermore, Microsoft has introduced tabs, a dark mode for those who prefer a different aesthetic, and even a virtual fidget spinner for a touch of fun and interactivity during breaks.

Next Level Widgets: Tailoring Your Windows Experience

Building upon the recent Notepad enhancements, the latest Windows 11 test build elevates the widgets section to new heights. Users can soon prioritize their preferred widgets by hiding the news feed, focusing solely on the information that matters to them.

Empowering Choices: Account Selection for Widgets

The updated settings now empower users to choose the account for Microsoft Start-powered widgets and feeds. This departure from the previous restriction tied to the Windows sign-in account aligns Notepad with other app-powered widgets. Users can easily manage their accounts through the “Microsoft Start” settings within the “Personalise your content” section of the widgets board settings, tailoring their experience to individual preferences.

Global Accessibility: A Seamless Experience for All

Unlike the previous limitation tied to regions, the new settings experience addresses a common user complaint. It ensures a more personalized and seamless widget experience for everyone, irrespective of their location.

Anticipated Arrival: What to Expect

As exciting as these updates are, it’s crucial to note that the new features are currently under testing. While adjustments may occur, Microsoft aims to make these enhancements available to all Windows 11 users in early 2024. Stay tuned for a transformed Notepad experience that goes beyond expectations.

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